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PowerBobber - Remote Control Drone Fishing Kit - WiFi edition


Our remote control drone fishing kit lets you fish with your drone!  Without this kit, there isn't an easy way to drop your line or bobber from your drone.  Our Remote Control Drone Fishing Kit provides everything you need to create a WiFi enabled, remote controller line dropper for drone fishing!

The WiFi edition has a range of about 300 feet over water!  

If you want a longer distance, check out our cellular version!

The WiFi kit includes:

  • Particle Photon - WiFi
  • Custom Circuit board
  • 2- 3.7v Lipo battery
  • Micro-Servo
  • Extended range Wifi antenna (300 feet)
  • 3D printed body
  • Laser Cut acrylic 

Fully assembled, you can connect to the Particle with Wifi from your phone and remotely issue a command to drop your bait into the water!   Catch fish with your drone and the Remote Control Drone Fishing Kit!  

This kit is also open source, you can buy and do all of this yourself if you want to.

DIY info here:

If you would like the kit fully assembled, we charge an extra $100 assembly fee.  Add our assembly product to your cart as an add-on.

from Fish with Chips, the makers of the PowerBobber!

(Assembly & Soldering required! - Assembled version shown)


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